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Corporate America, we need to talk about activism



Here’s the honest truth, we need to talk about a lot of things. Matthew McCarthy, Ben & Jerry’s CEO, has a message for CEOs who are worried about walking the talk: Don’t let fear hold you back.

But first, here’s your Bob Marley- inspired week in review, in Haiku.

Don’t worry, ‘bout a
thing, cause every little thing’s
gonna be alright!

Rose up this mornin’
smiled with the risin’ sun, with
three little birds pitch

on my heart and mind,
singin’ sweet songs, melodies 
pure and true, and now

they have a message 
for you (and me): One bird called
Justice, another

called Sweet Equity
the third bird was you! Making
everything alright.

We appreciate how hard you are working. Keep singing your song.

Ellen McGirt

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