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Immunity is complicated. But it’s critical during the pandemic



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Immunity is a strange concept.

You can become immune to so many things ranging from words to a pathogen. But that protection can be tenuous. And that’s a critical thing to keep in mind during a global outbreak.

Consider a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggesting that coronavirus antibodies may be ephemeral.

“The antibody response is being closely studied by scientists worldwide for indications of how long-lasting immunity may be. While there’s little evidence to suggest reinfections are broadly occurring, health experts have yet to pin down specifics,” according to Bloomberg. “The latest findings raise concern that protection from reinfection may not last long in those with mild symptoms, which accounts for the majority of cases.”

Science is a process (I think readers have caught on to that by now and are probably sick of me saying it). But this is one of the key issues we all have to focus on. If immunity from coronavirus is a weak or temporary protection, we’re going to have to gird for a much longer fight against this thing.

On that note, I had a great chat with the CEO of diagnostics giant LabCorp this morning. Stay tuned.

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