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The companies that have proved their value in this crisis



Good Monday morning.

Which companies have proven their lasting value during the crisis? The Harris Poll has taken a stab at answering that question, surveying American attitudes about each company’s resolve, integrity, responsiveness and permanence. (See more here.) The top ten:

1) US Postal Service
2) Clorox
3) Google
4) UPS
5) Walmart
6) Amazon
7) Purell
8) Microsoft
9) FedEx
10) CVS

The poll also shows that while the U.S. economy is reopening, fear is not subsiding. The latest wave of poll results–taken June 6-8–finds 52% of respondents fear they could “die as a result of contracting the virus”–still near record highs. That’s perhaps not surprising, given that seven states are seeing their coronavirus cases rise significantly.

Separately, a poll of IT workers by Xerox shows that an estimated 82% of workers who shifted to work-from-home during the pandemic will have returned to the workplace in 12-18 months’ time. And 56% of those responding say their companies are increasing their technology budgets, both to allow more flexible work and to speed digital transformation.

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Alan Murray

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